About Ceiba Wellness

In 2015, I launched Ceiba Wellness (pronounced "Say-buh") because I craved a different approach to western medicine. When I realized there was nothing available to me that captured what I needed, I decided to create it myself.

What started as a women’s health and fertility coaching practice, has evolved to a thriving practice, where I use indigenous Maya healing practices + blend science based approaches.

In 2021, I launched my first product all with the hopes to enhance and support my clients. Since then, my products and services have continued to expand.

Why Ceiba Wellness?

The Ceiba is a tropical tree that is native to Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. The Ceiba tree is majestic, respected and considered sacred to the Maya people. This tree is believed to be the connection between heaven, earth and the underworld. It is believed to have a connection to God, and to be a source of life because it is always growing near water. 

As a Guatemalan, the Ceiba tree embodies my culture, it connects me to my ancestors, to divine wisdom, and to life.