Soul Centered Life Coaching

a unique and client centered approach to whole-person wellness

Welcome to Ceiba Wellness

Jenn Mason has been coaching since 2015. She focuses on powerful and effective evidence-based healing therapies that serve to support individuals coping with life transitions, stress, and illness.

As an integrative health practitioner, Jenn is committed to facilitating meaningful conversation with her clients as they discover their individualized balanced and meaningful lifestyle by addressing all areas of health and wellness.

Jenn recognizes the powerful connection between the mind, body and soul. She uses her expertise with clients as they develop whole-person-lifestyle change, whether one-on-one or in a group setting.

What folks are saying…

“Jenn was gentle, reassuring, kind, and caring in our sessions. She listened to my needs and seamlessly knew where to guide me. She has a strong intuition that benefitted me greatly. “

“My hypnosis sessions with Jenn were incredibly warm and supportive, I felt safe moving deep into my psyche under her guidance.”

“The time I have spent in my coaching sessions with Jenn has been some of the most valuable, enlightening, and well spent in my adult life.  Not only is Jenn genuinely interested and passionate about helping me see “roadblocks” in life’s path, she also strives to help me develop the skills necessary to work through those roadblocks in a mindful and healthy way.  She has helped me recognize that progress is made in small, thoughtful actions that build upon one another, ultimately allowing me to reach my goals.   Jenn is very talented and knowledgeable in many different approaches to create total peace in mind and body.  There are some people in this world that find their “calling” and that alignment with the universe shines through their work.  Jenn has found her calling, and I am blessed to call her my coach.”

“Jenn is extremely kind and welcoming. She has a manner that immediately makes one feel comfortable and relaxed. Her voice and pacing of hypnotherapy is superb and allows me to quickly slip into deep relaxation. It is always a pleasure working with her.”


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