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Traditional Faja Maya

Traditional Faja Maya

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While there are many different kinds of fajas, the traditional faja unique to Central America is made from cotton or muslin.


Our fajas are handmade in Guatemala by a local artisan.

Each faja is double layered for additional support and each end of the faja contains two cords that have been sewn to provide additional length.


The faja is traditionally used:

1. Immediately postpartum after a vaginal delivery

2. Upon being cleared by a doctor post c-section or abdominal surgery

3. After an injury to the low back

4. To provide warmth to the womb and surrounding organs

5. To bring stability to the low back, abdomen, pelvic organs, and hips.

6. For energetic protection to the wearer.


Additional benefits include:

1. Postpartum healing from a prolapse.

2. Support the healing of symphysis pubic dysfunction

3. Aid in the healing of diastisis recti and provide support.

4. Provide support to the low back if standing for long periods of time.

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