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The Womb Box

The Womb Box

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Each item in your Womb Box has been carefully curated with you in mind. We know womb care is important and keeping your womb warm during pivotal physical + emotional transitions can feel very supportive to the nervous system, bring more blood flow to the organs in the pelvis, and aid the healing process.

Many cultures believe that keeping the womb warm is very important as the womb is a powerful energetic center.

Who would benefit from this box?

Anyone who has a womb, for example:

During pre-conception

Postpartum healing

After a loss or termination

Support with endometriosis, cyst or fibroids

Ectopic pregnancy

While this box is not specific to: digestive concerns like constipation, chronic vaginal or urinary infections or recent surgeries impacting the womb, the body can benefit greatly from pelvic floor relaxation and practices that bring ease to the mind and body. The Womb Box can be very supportive to anyone needing support to the organs in the pelvis.

*It is contraindicated to steam if you are pregnant (37 weeks or less), feel a burning/itch in the pelvis, have had recent spontaneous bleeding or immediately post surgery. Recommending to hold off on steaming and referring out to acupuncture or a peristeam hydrotherapist may be the result of your consultation.

Please always follow your physicians recommendations.

What’s Included?

30ml Womb + Belly Signature Warming Oil

5ml Stay Rosy Face Oil

1 Ceremony Cup

1 Bag of Womb Tea + Tea ball

Healing Humxn Pelvic Steam Collection of 4

Tins (10 steams per tin).

One Pelvic Steam consultation with Heali ng Humxn. Details included in your box.

Printed Instructions included in your box.

All sales are final.

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