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The Three Sisters Ceremonial Grade Cacao

The Three Sisters Ceremonial Grade Cacao

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The Three Sisters ceremonial grade cacao is ethically and sustainably harvested by a small team, but mighty team of local farmers in Guatemala.

Each batch of cacao is carefully fermented, dried, and toasted. The artisanal processing of the seeds allows for an extraordinarily high-quality control.

Hand peeling allows women’s collectives to ensure that each bean is in the perfect state.

All of the beans are criollo cacao hybrids cultivated in farmer-owned lands.

Each purchase of our cacao ensures that local farmers can grow organic cacao, continue sustainable indigenous agro-forestry practices, and empower communities by paying them a living wage, and ensuring that their families thrive.


Choose between 1 pound of ceremonial cacao paste OR 1lb of organic ceremonial cacao powder from the Suchitepequez region in Guatemala.



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