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The Sagrado Cleansing Bundle

The Sagrado Cleansing Bundle

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Incense is a staple of any spiritual practice, and this loose incense is sure to inspire you with its purifying scent as it cleanses and purifies your space. The Sagrado Blend can be sprinkled to create a sacred circle or try burning a bit on a charcoal diskette to fill your space with its lovely smoke.


The Sagrado Blend comes in a 4oz glass jar and combines the beauty of copal, frankincense, pink rose petals, lavender and rosemary.

As part of this cleansing bundle, you'll receive:

1 charcoal disc

1 Palo santo pop

A one of a kind handmade bowl designed for safely burning your incense or palo santo.

1 4oz jar of loose incense

Our incense dish is handmade in San Antonio Texas.

How to light your palo santo pop:

Use a lighter and hold your pop over a heat proof dish. Allow palo santo to catch a small flame and then blow out the flame. All plants are local to San Antonio and the wax is made with 100% beeswax.

How to burn loose incense:

Place a layer of salt in you heat proof dish.

Place the charcoal on top of the salt.

Hold a flame to the charcoal disc until it is lit and an ash grey colour.

Add a very small amount of incense on top and enjoy.

Incense Uses:

– Promote calmness and relaxation.

– Clears negative energy.

– For meditation.

– Fragrance

– Cleans impurities from the air.

Not For Consumption.

Please observe proper fire safety. Never leave incense, or an

All herbs used have been hand dried and picked in San Antonio Texas.

Copal, frankincense and palo santo have been ethically sourced.

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