Coping with Infertility Stress Through Hypnotherapy

One needs to “understand the importance of simmering down the emotionality of infertility and recognize that the emotional distress cannot help but land in the body” (On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility by Helene Adrienne). Many men and women struggle to conceive, while single or in relationships. This struggle, commonly referred to as infertility, is similar toContinue reading “Coping with Infertility Stress Through Hypnotherapy”

Spirituality, Infertility and Rites of Passage

I like to think that I am not affected by societal expectations. The truth is that I am affected every single day. The truth is that social media makes it worse. I am genuinely happy when I hear that a friend becomes pregnant, once, twice, three times…however many times. Whether planned or unplanned, married orContinue reading “Spirituality, Infertility and Rites of Passage”