IVF, Stress & the Mind Body Experience

There is a large group of men and women in the world who are unable to conceive on their own. Fortunately, we live in a world where science and health can come together to help an individual have a baby. As an integrative health and wellness coach, my goal is to educate, advocate and supportContinue reading “IVF, Stress & the Mind Body Experience”

Spirituality, Infertility and Rites of Passage

I like to think that I am not affected by societal expectations. The truth is that I am affected every single day. The truth is that social media makes it worse. I am genuinely happy when I hear that a friend becomes pregnant, once, twice, three times…however many times. Whether planned or unplanned, married orContinue reading “Spirituality, Infertility and Rites of Passage”

Miscarriage and Grief

I have been thinking a lot about the grieving process. Specifically for women and couples who have lost a child. I have read countless articles on the topic. Through this research I came across some statistics that left me wondering how I can support women going through this process. It is estimated that 15 toContinue reading “Miscarriage and Grief”