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Soothe Kit

Soothe Kit

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Soothe your nervous system with our Anointed Soma oil and biofeedback dots.

Anointed Soma uses the power of organic essential oils to engage, nourish and soothe the vagus nerve. Biodots are scientifically calibrated to read your temperature, and assist in helping you connect to your stress/ relaxation response via spectrum of colors.

How to use this kit:

Add this oil to your bath or massage it into your palms, temples and use it anytime you need a reset.

Place one biodot between the thumb and the forefinger. This allows high visibility and is naturally protected from undo abrasion.

Biodots stay on your hand for up to 24 hours, you can monitor your stress while it's actually happening.

Use these biodots as you practice Autogenics and learn your about stress response.

Each kit includes 5 biodot cards and one 1oz dropper of Anointed Soma.

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