What is Reiki? A Guide for Women

By Shirley Johnson

When I first became interested in wholistic health, I studied mostly about nutrition, food, and herbs.  Learning about the foods to eat and herbs to take to fuel a healthy body were useful to me and interesting.  However, when I began to learn about the more energetic healing modalities, I became fascinated.  Reiki was one of these energetic healing modalities that seemed so powerful and yet simple.  This is one of the many reasons I love reiki.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art modality.  The word Reiki is a Japanese word that can be roughly translated into English as Universal Life Force.  Universal Life Force is found in everything – trees, animals, human beings, bodies of water, wind and so on.  Many cultures around the world believe in this life force energy and it is called by many names – prana, chi, mana and num – to name a few.  In this practice, it is believed that the reiki practitioner is channeling this universal life force through themselves and into the recipient.  In this way both the practitioner and the recipient become recipients for this Life Force.

Who Can Practice Reiki?

Anyone is able to practice reiki once they are attuned by a reiki master.  This practice believes that all people regardless of their age, gender, race, socioeconomic class, career choice, etc has the potential and ability to share this gentle healing technique.

Why Reiki?

1)      Reiki is a non-invasive and gentle healing technique.  For some of us, receiving something that is so gentle and subtle can feel safer than techniques that use more force and are more invasive to the body.  Reiki can be transmitted by laying hands or just by allowing the hands to hover over the physical body while not touching.

2)       Reiki cannot be messed up by over-thinking or the brain.  Reiki works for the highest healing good so even if you are unsure about it, reiki will do what it needs to do.

3)       A growing number of hospitals and other healthcare institutions are bringing in reiki practitioners to complement treatments and provide added value to healthcare consumers.  Because reiki is so gentle and can be done anywhere, it is an easy addition to institutions and spaces that may have limited resources.

4)       In my own practice of reiki, I have seen this practice provide a state of deep relaxation for recipients.  Relaxation may seem simple, but it seems more hard to come by for many modern individuals.  Deep relaxation can help to bring better sleep, more calmness to an overactive mind, and more balance in dealing with life.  In this way, this simple technique can help women to live a life where they are feeling more empowered and confident in their decisions.

There is a great amount of power in the bodies and minds of women.  Not only is our intuition so perfectly connected to nature, but within our physical bodies holds the power to create life, nurture life and transform life.  Reiki is a practice that will help those who may need a friendly reminder of the power that is within them to create healing and healthy minds, bodies and environments.


Shirley Kali Johnson is a native New Yorker, bringing inspiration, wholistic wellness and yoga to modern yogis and yoginis. A graduate of Brown University, Shirley  went to work in corporate finance and real estate development after college.  She found yoga the most effective way to deal with her stress and eventually decided to create a life around it.  Shirley  completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India at Ashiyana with Paula Tursi and has studied with a number of yoga teachers and various lineages including Kripalu, Kundalini and Prana Flow Vinyasa.  She is inspired by astrology, dance, flowers and metaphysics. Shirley  is currently a graduate student at California Institute of Integral Studies studying psychology and is a practicing astrologist and reiki healer.

web: www.soulisticwellness.com

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