9 Tips on How to Survive Summer Travel Season

By Allison Knox

We are in the heart of vacation and travel season when so many of us are hurriedly wrapping up life and heading to the airport and, with that in mind, I wanted to share some of my ‘must-have’s’ when I fly. I seriously love to travel, and over the course of numerous flights, both domestic and international, I’ve really honed my carry-on game and wanted to share it with ya’ll:

  1. Water bottle– nothing zaps your energy and mood like being dehydrated. On my way to the gate, my first stop is to fill my water bottle. Plus wherever I’m traveling it’s always nice to have h20 close at hand.
  2. Chapstick – there is nothing like recycled air and mass travel to dry your skin and mouth out and one of my best friends on planes is my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment.
  3. Snack – it can be very difficult to make good decisions around food when traveling and I’ve found that my best motto is ‘be prepared!’ Especially when it comes to food. I always keep some trail mix, fresh or dried fruit or snack bar handy when hunger strikes.
  4. Tote bag – one of my favorite travel purchases has been my Madewell tote. It’s comfortable and easy to carry, the perfect size to hold everything and, not to mention, the perfect accessory to any outfit!
  5. Earbuds – I find music can set the mood in a really great way (and help to drown out crying babies, overly chatty strangers or flight attendant announcements). It can be so comforting to slip these in your ears and retreat into your own world. (it should be noted…I’m an introvert)
  6. Gum – Again, I cannot stress the need for moisture and freshness when traveling. It’s amazing the little zip this little nugget of chewiness can provide. Don’t forget to offer one to your neighbor!
  7. Tea bag – I enjoy sipping tea when I travel but airlines only carry the tar-black tea variety so I bring my own favorite flavors and just ask for hot water!
  8. Wrap-me-up Scarf – the air temperature fluctuates so much on planes and this is an easy accessory to keep in your bag and throw around your shoulders or your lap as needed.
  9. All-in-one skin care – This is my favorite skin-care product I’ve found…and it’s organic! It serves as a facial cleanser, moisturizer and even make-up remover. I dip in as needed for a little face love after a flight. It is appropriately called Skin Savior from One Love Organics.

That should be a solid start for you and at least get your mind rolling around what your favorite things might be as well.


Alison lives in Oakland, CA and experiences sheer joy in exploring every corner of the Bay Area, sampling every food, coffee and dessert trend this place has to offer.  She travels regularly to far off places which further fuels her love of adventuring.  She is passionate about connecting with people around the table and sharing in real life.

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