The Confidence Gap


I tend to surround myself with incredible, out going, intelligent women.

As of late I have been a part of conversations that always end up with the same conclusion: I am afraid.

Why are we afraid? What are we afraid of? How is this fear stopping us from living a complete and happy life?

Daily I hear women talk about wanting to start their own business, start a blog, etc. Along with these dreams I also hear the doubt in their voices.

“I want to start teaching yoga, but…”

“I want to apply for this job, but..”

“I want to ask him out for drinks, but…”

“I want to lose weight, but…”

This confidence gap that stands between us and our dreams reminds of the infamous glass ceiling. Always trying to reach it, but never really getting there.


Is it our rational minds that brings us back and reminds us that we can’t follow our dreams because we need to pay the bills? Is it because we are afraid of the sound of our own voice? Are we afraid that someone with more education, certifications, etc. is going to call us out in front of colleagues? Is it biological?

How do we close the “confidence gap” and realize that our dreams and fears are valid and still cross this threshold that keeps holding us back?

What are you afraid of?


Take the quiz below and asses your confidence level


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