Challenging Our Views On Self-Love

I have been thinking a lot about my food choices. Actually, I love food and when I am not eating I am probably thinking about what I will eat next.

I was always the chubby one in my family and to this day food is one of my struggles. For about 5 years after college I decided I wanted to be a vegetarian. I lost weight and I felt and looked lean and healthy. I was an “average” size 10-11 and yet I was still not satisfied with how I looked. I had lost 50lbs, I was exercising every day, and I was disciplined. Looking back, despite the fact that I was much leaner than I am now, I was still comparing myself. The same judgmental eyes that had picked on me as a kid were now staring back at me in the mirror.

It is now 2014, I have gained back some of that weight I had lost, my clothes don’t fit quite right and I still struggle with my own body image. Every day I look in the mirror and still find something to complain about. It doesn’t matter that I have a loving husband that tells me how beautiful he thinks I am or that I have a degree in women’s health.

Self love begins with me. It does not begin with getting a degree in women’s health or having a partner who tells you how gorgeous you look naked.

My body image has taken quite a beating through out the years by friends, family and strangers who think it’s okay to comment on my size or the extra weight I carry in my hips or thighs.

I, for one am tired of following suit and believing that my body deserves all of the hate I throw at it.

I dare you to strip down in front of a mirror and compliment yourself. It just takes one compliment. Try it once a day every day for the next week.

Changing our habits does not require just a physical action. It requires focus, discipline and most importantly, self love.

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