30: A Year of Loathing

My husband is turning 30 tomorrow.

April 29th has been on my radar for the past year. It seems that every month up until this point my husband has been counting down. Even as we spent the day together celebrating he would comment on how “OLD” he was or how he seemed to think he was going bald. He is not going bald. No matter how many times I tell him he doesnt believe me.

Needless to say that this got me thinking about these “age milestones” we fear so much. Why are we so paranoid? When did 30 become such a loathed age?

What are we afraid of? Is is that we have not reached the goals we thought we would have accomplished by now?

Is it that we begin to notice our inability to lose weight as well as we did when we were 21? Or maybe its that we “feel” old. Our knees are weaker, our hair is thinning or graying. Perhaps it’s that we start looking more like our parents whom we vowed never to be like.

How do we get past these social and cultural expectations to have it all together before the age of 30?

How many times are we feeding into this idea that our life begins to dwindle after 30?

Think about it.

Some common themes I have heard:

1. Your chances of getting pregnant drop.

2. If you are not married by 30 you probably wont get married

3. You now at the age your parents were when they had 3 kids. What are you doing with your life?

4. You are still renting an apartment. Why havent you purchased real estate?

5. You have a beer belly and your hair is thinning…

6. You have a ton of debt, little to no savings, no retirement plan. You are screwed.

No wonder we are afraid to age! With age comes expectations.

So you have a little extra weight on you. Instead of blaming it on age and finding excuses do something about it!

You want to travel more? Put some money away and take a weekend road trip.

Think about how much you have learned in your glorious 30 years, how much life you still have to live, and how many adventures you still have to go on!

Stop living someone else’s expectations of you.

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